The J-Corp Guild is

What are the J-Corp Heroes ?

The J-Corp Heroes are 2,000 unique aesthetic collectibles of brave warriors brought to you by our community to fight against the cunning Gods who plan to use the human race for their own ends. Embody the greatest, the bravest and the strongest heroes to restore the balance of this world.

The Story

Since the dawn of mankind, two factions have been fighting in the Kingdom of the Gods; the Gods of Light, called "KAMI", and the Gods of Darkness, called "MARA". These two entities have been fighting and tearing each other apart for thousands of years in an ethereal world directly linked to ours. This connection is made by linked portals that allow the passage between these two worlds.

In order to guarantee the balance between these two factions, there is a third actor; a Guild of adventurers who have sworn for thousands of years to ensure this purpose. This Guild is called the J-Corp, and is a company of adventurers of all horizons, established since the birth of humanity, and who travel the centuries to restore a lasting peace in this world.

Today the J-Corp needs you, the balance as we know is shifting in favor of the Evil Gods. Embrace your destiny and join us, and together we can fight and restore the balance of this world !

Join the Community

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Launch Roadmap

25% Sold

The Gods have kept NFT for you. To celebrate the transfer of the Heroes to the realm of the Gods, some of them will be offered to you during a giveaway for the community.

The Guild bank is now also growing and contains 3 ETH !

50% Sold

Merchandise: Holders of NFTs will be able to purchase limited edition merchandise.

The Guild bank is now also growing and contains 5 ETH !

75% Sold

One J-Corp Hero will be picked at random and will be gifted flight to Japan to meet the DNA of J-Corp.

The Guild bank is now also growing and contains 9 ETH !

100% Sold

We are convinced that there are many talented artists who deserve to be recognized... The best artists on Discord chosen by the community will be selected to create their own project. We will assist them in this process and provide them with all the necessary technical support to live their dream. So be creative now !

The Guild bank is now also growing and contains 13 ETH !

Development Roadmap

Q4 2021
J-Corp is live
  • Season 1 launch.
  • Active community members can participate on Season 2 through different events.
  • End of the script writing process for the J-Corp | Battle of Gods manga.
Q1 2022
Season 2 launch
  • Season 1 NFT holders will have priority minting as well as active community members.
  • Editing of the manga J-Corp | Battle of Gods.
  • Start development of the Play to Earn game.
Q2 2022
Manga launch
  • Release of the first three chapters of the manga on the store (free for all NFT holders).
  • J-Corp | Battle of Gods official game trailer.
  • Share game information about the economy, gameplay and bonuses for NFT holders.
Q3 2022
Game first Release
  • Launch of the $JCORP token.
  • $JCORP Airdrop for NFT holders.
  • Release of the next three chapters of the manga.
  • J-Corp | Battle of Gods game Beta, use your NFT like never before.

The Team


Artist, Creator of the J-Corp Heroes


Tech Development, Front-end Design


Scriptwriter, Community Manager